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Case Study 5 month old

Adeline 5 months old

Breastfed and started solids at four months, she is currently having two solid meals a day

Night-time wakes:  Early on, Adeline was a great sleeper. She was sleeping through the night from 8 weeks up until 20 weeks. But had recently started waking more frequently and currently waking within an hour of going to sleep at night and then several times for her dummy overnight and a feed at 3 am. She was also very challenging to resettle once awake.

Daytime Naps: continues to sleep well for day naps but only on mum on the sofa. If mom tried to place her in the bed, she would wake up 20 minutes later.

Sleep Association: Adaline was heavily reliant on her dummy and rocking to sleep before putting her into bed fast asleep at night time and sleeping on mom for day naps. Adeline was also feeding approximately every two hours during the day

Our consultation:

During our consultation, we decided to remove Adeline’s dummy altogether. I discussed with mum the new routine for both day and night. We discussed feeding Adeline upon wakeup and giving her a top-up feed 15 minutes before her naps to ensure that she was full before naps; we also discussed nap time routine bath and bedtime routine, and how to approach overnight feeds. The settling plan was 100% supported settling in her cot.

Feedback from mom after a few days of implementing the routine

I have to give you a progress report on Adeline’s sleep. The first night, we did hands-on settling without a dummy, and she went to sleep within 20 minutes. She then woke at 9 pm but just needed another resettle only for 5 minutes. She then slept all the way through until 4 am, but she was just a bit grizzly, so I watched her on the monitor, and within 20 minutes, she had put herself back to sleep until 6 am.

What a great first night!
Then night two, she only took 10 minutes to settle in the cot and slept all the way through without waking until 6 am this morning, again all without a dummy! Day naps are also a breeze. I can’t believe how much time I now have that she’s not sleeping in my arms all day.

We are loving your program and feel it was just the right time to contact you and get your wonderful help. You are amazing, and we can’t thank you enough for helping us through this stage. The time it takes us to get my baby to bed has halved. She is calmer when it comes to bedtime, and she resettles herself if she wakes up in the early hours of the morning. The methods taught to me by Elaine are hands-on and simple to incorporate. Everyone in my house is getting
more sleep since we contacted you

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