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Lullababy SOS Paediatric Sleep Consultant

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Toilet Traing in One Week

5 Simple Steps to help your toddler master the loo

Nurtured Beginnings

5 Foundations to supporting your baby to sleep well fed well and build a routine so both you and baby can grow adn thrive together

Crawlers and Climbers

When the new born bubble fades and you feel like your babies sleep is worse than when they were newborn

Taming Toddler Bedtime

Especially for the cheeky monkey's who are driving you round the twist

A speaker that builds parents confidence by educating and empowering, so parents can build better foundations for their little ones sleep and routine.

Elaine’s goal is to help parents enjoy THEIR parenting journey and have quality sleep for the whole family

About Elaine

Elaine Harvey is a Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Early Childhood Educator a Maternity Practitioner and a saviour of parents sleep and sanity.

Elaine has worked with over 10,0000 families over 18 years helping mums and dads with all things baby and toddler related with a particular focus on sleep and routine.

Elaine was one of the very first paediatric sleep consultants in Australia.

Elaine established Lullababy SOS in 2007 after moving to Australia to start a family life here. Elaine is passionate about helping parents understand how they can help their babies grow and thrive with a healthy routine so they can find their confidence in their own parenting.

As a result of following a Lullababy SOS Sleep program, her clients report an 80% improvement in their child’s sleep within just 3- 5 days.

Elaine is the Australasia Regional Director for the International Institute of Professional Sleep Consultants and a member of International Institute for complementary therapists she has been featured in many Australian media publications such as the Courier Mail the Gold Coast Bulletin, 9News and A Current Affair and has been labled Australias Baby Whisperer

Taming Toddlers Bedtime

Especially for those cheeky monkeys who are refusing to sleep

Presentations and workshops

Over the years, Elaine has presented many talks and workshops to both professionals working with parents and to parents. With experience working prenatal post-natal right through to preschool she covers many topics around Early Childhood Development, family dynamics and adjusting to parenting. Her presentations are focused on understanding Sleep behavior and development in the Early Years.

Elaine’s passions are Infant Sleep Development, motherhood, family relationships and how parenting has changed over the last 20 years.

Speaking Topics

  • The hidden cost of sleep deprivation for new parents
  • How a sleep consultant can help your family
  • Understanding sleep in Early Childhood
  • How you can build strong sleep foundations for your child
  • The importance of good sleep and a flexible routine
  • Navigating the first few months of parenting.



“We were lucky enough to have Elaine host our club Sleep and Settling Clinic several times. It’s so difficult to engage a large crowd (20+) especially when we are all experiencing different issues with our children’s sleep patterns. We had babies as young as 6 weeks to as old as 15 months which she was charged with the impossible task of catering to on the day. Elaine was funny, attentive and delivered her messages regarding sleep behaviours in a manner that had us all craning to hear more. We would highly recommend her for any mother’s groups or clubs who may wish to use her services in a group environment.

She also took the time to answer our individual and specific questions while broadening her responses to suit all our families. Thank you again Elaine for your incredible and simple delivery which, in the end, made us all feel like sleep experts.”

Brisbane Multiple Births Association – Southsidelittle

“Elaine from Lullababy SOS captivates her audience (both parents and babies alike) with her expert knowledge and natural, engaging presentation style. We always have large turn outs whenever we invite Elaine along to our mothers groups to speak, and her workshops are tailored to both expectant and new parents to help them prepare for the next nine months.”

Lauren Williams – Eve Health

“From the moment we sat down, Elaine had us engaged. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and nurturing in her approach which is the ideal combination. We left her session with a wealth of practical tips and were all excited to try them at home. I personally saw a complete change in my 12mo’s sleep going from waking every 2 hours to not waking at all! The best part was it was a very gentle approach with no “crying it out”. Thank you for everything you do Elaine, you’re amazing.”

Carene Carroll

Owner of Modern Mamas

Lauren Williams – Eve Health

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