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Is your newsfeed killing your parenting confidence?

Social Media

Is your newsfeed filled with quotes that make you question, judge or worry about your parenting and what you’re doing right or wrong?
Is your newsfeed filled with quotes that make you question your judgement, distrust your instinct and make you feel less of a parent?

As the images and worlds on our newsfeeds can give us a few minutes of escapism a little glimpse into another more glamourous life and be a bit of fun to kill some time it can also be toxic and make us feel less of a person, not pretty enough, not glamorous enough, Not thin enough, not cool enough and generally make us feel crap about ourselves. The newsfeeds of most mums are filled with different views of parenting and what the “ideal” perfect mum should be /is doing. Our newsfeeds have become the cancer of your parenting power that is making parents/mums
👉🏻Loose confidence in our parenting
💔Question if we are a good mum enough
🤔Forever question if we are damaging our babies brains by not responding enough

So I ask you to be careful what you follow –
When you read posts about parenting stop and ask yourself how does this make you feel?

If it doesn’t make you feel positive – Unfollow

Please please please trust your instinct
Stop looking to social media to tell you what kind of a mother you need to be.

Look inward
Take some time off social media
Take some time off your newsfeeds altogether and just be with your baby and your family.
Your instinct will come back to you and when it does sit down and write it down write down what type of parent do you want to be to your baby.
Have a conversation with your partner discuss what you feel works for you and what doesn’t have an honest conversation about the types of parents that you want to be and about how you want to raise your children
Don’t put a label on it like I want to be in an attached parent or a free-range parent or a routine parent
Write down your parenting values
Your core beliefs
How you want to raise your children
Start listening to your inner voice and find your parenting power
From the bottom of my heart and sending you all love.

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