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Why I don’t call myself a Holistic Sleep Coach

Realistic Sleep Coach

Embracing Realistic Sleep Solutions for Today’s Parents 

A Personal Approach In my practice, I define myself as a Realistic Sleep Coach, a label that speaks to my unique approach. Let me share what this means for you.


Why I’m Not a Traditional Sleep Coach:

Unlike traditional sleep coaches, I won’t advocate for methods that involve leaving your baby to cry themselves to sleep. Approaches like the Cry It Out Method, Controlled Crying, and others that suggest extended periods of crying can be distressing for both you and your baby.

While I’ve occasionally used these methods in my 20+ years of experience with over 12,000 clients, it’s always a decision made with careful consideration, assessment, and agreement. I believe that each family is unique, and what works for one may not work for another.


Why I’m Not a Holistic Sleep Coach:

Holistic sleep coaches often lean towards Attachment Parenting, which I wholeheartedly support in its broader sense. A holistic approach encompasses not just mental health but also physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. While some families find comfort in practices like co-sleeping and feeding to sleep, I recognize that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Your parenting choices are just that – yours.

For parents who find themselves struggling with the round the clock feeding, for those who may not love co-sleeping and for those who are struggling with the mental and physical load of everything while feeling sleep deprived, I’m here for you. 

I’m here to provide a different perspective. My aim is to guide parents in helping their babies create positive sleep environments, where they can confidently and comfortably transition through sleep cycles. I don’t discourage breastfeeding before sleep, but I do support finding a balance that doesn’t create dependency.

I also don’t insist on bed-sharing, though co-sleeping in the same room is a great alternative. Every family’s dynamics are different, and it’s about finding what works best for you.


A Realistic Approach:

Over the past two decades, I’ve helped countless parents navigate the art of sleep without introducing new external associations. Through my program, parents learn to establish flexible and balanced daily routines, positive naptime and bedtime rituals, and nurturing associations with overnight feeds.

I won’t tell you not to attend to your baby overnight. Instead, I’ll show you how to meet their needs and guide them back to sleep in their own space, gradually fostering their independence.

This process allows for longer periods of uninterrupted sleep as your child grows.

In my settling plans, I address the holistic needs of both parent and baby, ensuring that no single need takes precedence over another.

This aligns with the true essence of “Holistic.”


Embracing Realism:

Why do I refrain from labeling myself a Holistic Sleep Coach? It’s because I aim to bridge the gap between attachment parenting and families seeking what’s best for them, even if it deviates from the traditional attachment parenting model.

As a Realistic Sleep Coach, my mission is to provide a practical, tailored approach for families navigating the complex terrain between attachment parenting and Controlled Crying.

With over 300 5-star reviews and countless messages from satisfied clients, I’m confident this approach is making a positive difference for families seeking a balanced, realistic solution.

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