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What is the real cost of avoiding enlisting the help of a sleep consultant?

The Hidden Cost Of Avoiding A Sleep Consultant For Your Baby”

Your baby’s not sleeping, you are exhausted, the broken sleep is taking its toll. Your baby is catnapping, snack-feeding fussy for most of the day and you grappling to try and figure out what’s wrong with your baby. You know that sleep is an issue but your avoiding enlisting the help of a sleep specialist. So you google and reach out in mum forums looking for a “diagnosis’ or a quick fix, but what is the real cost of avoiding enlisting the help of a sleep consultant?

Several doctors visits – a few hundred dollars even after the rebate

Visit to the paediatrician just to make sure that there’s nothing else going on – $450 or more

Visit(s) to the Osteopath, Chiro or Kinesiologist just to check alignments – $200-$400

$120 noise machine and essential oil vapouriser

Several different sleeping bags – Upwards of $50 each

Numerous amounts of colic mixture / natural elixir and potions to help with reflux and wind pain and bowel movements and gut troubles. – Possibly $100’s or more

Endless amounts of different formulas/bottles teeth’s for bottles and dummies. $100’s

Different comforters, carriers and special rocking cots $100’s

All in the hope that something will twig and help your baby sleep.

The more stuff that doesn’t work, the more you feel deflated as a mother and in your ability to soothe your baby.

Sometimes thousands of dollars later, you are no better off until finally, you consider getting the help of a sleep specialist, but you’re worried that she’s going to make your baby cry themselves to sleep or make you do something that you don’t feel comfortable with.

You do some research on them and become more worried that they won’t be able to help your situation or that you are a bad parent for even considering this as an option. You’re told that your baby just needs you, so suck it up.

You’ve read so many articles that say that your baby needs XYZ and you feel less of a mother for asking for help.

Every family I work with I see paraphernalia parents use in the hope of finding the ‘Holy Grail’ to help the baby sleep, and I feel sorry for these parents I feel sorry for what they have, put themselves through, paid out and how that makes them feel when it doesn’t work.

But what is the real cost of avoiding getting a sleep consultant to help you and your baby in your individual situation?

Yes, I get that the cost of a sleep specialist is expensive, but I know that the time-the individual plans and the support I offer each client is worth every cent and the results speak for themselves. My clients consistently say that it was the best money they had spent so far because the results are seen far beyond just the sleep.

Although you still need to do your research to find a good sleep consultant (an Instagram search is not research) a good sleep consultant is never going to ask you to leave your baby cry themself to sleep as you might think or have been told.

A good sleep consultant will help you work out the root cause of why your baby is struggling to settle to sleep and help you with an individually tailored plan to soothe and comfort your baby into a healthy sleep and feeding routine. A good sleep consultant will help you find your mojo and help you learn how to read YOUR baby’s cues helping you meet their needs.

Getting the right help means that you can stop questioning yourself and start moving forward and enjoying motherhood; this is my goal for all of my clients.

On a side note, often when parents work on helping their child sleep better, symptoms of reflux, allergies, wind etc, dramatically improve because regulation of feeding and sleep helps to regulate the digestive system, and any other symptoms are easier to separate and manage when your baby is sleeping and feeding better.

“If you’re tired of struggling to help your baby sleep and want to enjoy motherhood again. Don’t waste any more time or money on remedies that don’t work. Take the first step towards better sleep for you and your baby by scheduling an intro call with me today.

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