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Why Lullababy SOS

Elaine Harvey Gentle Sleep Support

Why Choose Lullababy SOS?

Why Choose Lullababy SOS:

Helping Tired Mums and Babies Sleep Better

While it’s natural for babies to wake up during the night, establishing healthy sleep patterns early on can make a significant difference. Creating positive sleep associations early on significantly reduces the likelihood of ongoing sleep difficulties in the future. The longer external associations with sleep persist, the more ingrained they become, leading to more wake-ups and a dependency on these associations.

Baby sleep problems can affect both moms and babies. When a baby doesn’t get enough sleep, both may feel tired, grumpy, frustrated, and confused.

In the digital age, we’re inundated with various advice on “Sleep Training”. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the conflicting methods and advice regarding baby sleep and associations.

Lullababy SOS Approach

I firmly believe babies learn through experience. If you’re cuddling, rocking, feeding, or bouncing your baby to sleep, they’ll come to expect the same when they wake up or shift through a sleep cycle. Imagine falling asleep in your bed and waking up on the deck; you wouldn’t just roll over and go back to sleep, would you?

Now, apply this to your little one. If you rock them to sleep and they wake up in their cot 40 minutes later, it’s akin to you waking up on the deck. They won’t easily go back to sleep, just like you wouldn’t on the deck. They’ll call out to you (or cry) to be put back in their “bed”. Night after night of this pattern will make them anxious about falling asleep, causing more frequent awakenings due to heightened awareness of the changing environment.

Continuing down this path only perpetuates the cycle. It’s said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

Your baby needs to fall asleep where you intend for them to wake up. This fosters comfort in their sleep environment and routine.

Teaching a baby positive routines and sleep behaviors is made even more challenging with the overwhelming advice from various sources. My aim is to help you discover a flexible routine and personalized settling strategy that you’re comfortable with, aiding both you and your baby in making positive changes to their sleep and routine and learning how to fall asleep with support gradually learning how to self-settle with practice and consistent change.

This doesn’t entail adhering to a specific strategy or method. my program helps YOU learn how to make simple changes in your routine and create an environment where your baby feels safe and supported as they learn to sleep in their cot and self-settle based on their unique traits, personality, and your journey so far. 

Helping babies learn positive routines and sleep behaviors is challenging, my goal is to help you feel more confident in meeting your child needs better with a flexible routine and personalized settling strategy that you’re comfortable with.  

Every consultation includes The Lullababy SOS Handbook, a comprehensive guide covering routines, wake windows, sleep cues, and settling behaviors nad 3 weeks unlimited support for you while you implement these changes. 

Personalized Solutions, without “Cry-it-Out” Methods

My goal is to offer a holistic, realistic guide to supporting your child to sleep better, and although I don’t recommend traditional sleep training, change will be likely bring tears.  Changing a learned sleep pattern takes time, patience, practice, and support. A baby’s cry doesn’t always signify distress; it can indicate tiredness, frustration, or confusion. Your gentle support helps them learn a new way of settling, reassuring them of your presence.

My goal is to 100% support your baby while learning these changes and gradually reduce the level of support we offer your baby as they gain confidence and independence in settling themselves. As a parent, it’s important to understand that this process takes time. Depending on your baby’s sleep history, it typically takes 3 to 5 days to reset their body clock, and it requires commitment, consistency, and support.

Throughout our work together, neither you nor your baby should feel distressed.

For more information book a free intro call or download one of our guides today. 

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