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Ten simple steps to helping your little one sleep better

Ten simple steps to helping your little one sleep better
On average, 90 % of my clients have all the RIGHT steps to having a great bedtime routine but they are doing them in the WRONG order. You see, we are so consumed by all the information out there that we think were getting it right, but when you understand why what your doing has a big impact on your little ones’ sleep you understand why you need to make the change. 

For example, a common bedtime routine I see is
▶️Get Dressed with sleep suit on
▶️White Noise 
▶️Bottle/ Boob
Looks good right?
Wrong. By doing the bedtime routine in this order putting your baby into the sleep suit before the feed reading books before the feed and feeding last you are telling your baby that the last thing they need to fall asleep is a feed. If your baby has a feed-to-sleep association and you’re putting your baby into their sleeping bag and then feeding them you are creating a feeding and sleeping association
👉BUT if you changed the order and put your baby into the bag after the books
⭐You are separating the feeding and sleeping association with the book this can mean the difference between 0-1 feed at night or 4-6 feeds at night.

Change the order and you change the response to the routine, next time try

▶️Get Dressed 
▶️Boob or bottle 
▶️Sleep suit and white noise 

Does this make sense to you?

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