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Lullababy SOS Sweet Sleep E-Book for babies (-2 yrs)

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Unlock Your Baby’s Best Sleep:

After 20 years of working with over 18,000 families, both in-home and virtually, this E-book is filled with everything you need to know to confidently navigate your little ones’ sleep and routine.

I mean everything you need to make a difference in your sleep and routine journey, and that’s it no fluff or padding

Included :

  • Positive sleep & feeding foundations
  • Understand the science behind early childhood sleep
  • Sample Routines from bith- 2 years
  • Sample routines for feeding, naps, bath and bedtime and overnight feeding
  • Managing positive and negative sleep associations
  • Age-appropriate wake windows and sleep times
  • Minimising overnight wakes
  • Gentle, holistic, realistic approach to supporting your baby to love their bed and bedtime routines, so as they become more confident in your routine and behaviours, they become more confident in settling. This approach is 100% hands-on support. You will be patting, shushing, and fully supporting your baby to sleep initially, but I will show you the difference between patting them to sleep and supporting them to learn how to fall asleep with support gradually reducing this support as their sleep and settling improves.
  • Support better sleep, feel more confident and build even stronger bonds and confident attachment with your baby.

Reclaim your parenting power and confidence! Order today.

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