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Nurtured Beginnings E-Book

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Building strong routine and sleep foundations so you can feel confident in meeting your child’s routine and sleep needs with empathy, respect, love and confidence.

I cut my teeth as a sleep specialist 22 years ago as a maternity nurse back then I would care for both mother and baby 24/6 for the first 12 weeks of babies life. In that time I helped mums build strong routines, feeding and sleep foundations so that by 3 months of age their baby was already well established on their routine. To this day, I still implement the same 5 foundations in my everyday practice and now I have created a guide for you to see how simple it can be for you to help your baby learn from the beginning. This is NOT a sleep training guide. It is a simple program to help parents understand how they can support their baby’s onto a positive, flexible sleep and feeding routine while maintaining secure attachment and ultimately helping parents find confidence in their parenting. My programs aim to help parents understand the science behind sleep, early childhood learning and development, routines, and transitions and understand how babies learn what you teach and how simple changes in your behaviours positively impact your child’s sleep and development.

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